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Oils that are extracted through moderate pressure from organic nuts, seeds and even vegetables by following our ancestors to stay healthy and fit. The oils under pressure are more nutritious to your body and also enhance the taste of food. This cold pressed oil is also known as pure, cold-drawn oils.


Cold pressed oil contains high nutritional value like vitamins, antioxidants, phospholipids, lecithin and protein.

In refining, people use chemicals like bleaching agents, sodium, hexane and sodium bicarbonate. When you switch to cold pressed oil it’s totally organic and free from chemicals.

Cold pressed oil retains all healthy qualities as they are prepared naturally without going to high temperature, as it destroys vitamin E.

You can enhance the flavor of your food through cold pressed oil. The aroma and flavor are not extracted from the oil during the manufacturing process.

People use cold pressed oil for their skin and hair care. This can reduce heat in the body and act as a perfect hair mask for frizzy hair. 


No added chemicals and preservations

Free from pesticides

Retains anti-oxidants

High in vitamin E

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