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Birthday Cake


Birthdays are a special way of telling us to eat some yummy cake. A birthday is incomplete without a cake. Having a birthday cake is a happy way to celebrate birthdays. The candles on the cakes represent a special tribute to the moon goddess and also represents the reflection of the moonlight. Blowing candles is still a lively ritual enjoyed by kids with their parents. Cakes were not so delicious before as now because sugar and sweet ingredients were not affordable. After the industrial revolution, everything changed and all were able to bake a beautiful and yummy cake. 

Birthdays are always special in everyone’s life. It becomes more delightful when you add a mouth-watering cake with it. Every people want to cake on every occasion, especially on birthdays because,

  • Adds more Happiness
  • A good way of celebration

Cakes are available in different shapes and confined flavour. For kids’ cakes are designed in their lovable cartoon characters. Cakes can also be bought with people’s interest in the flavour, shape and design. Birthday cakes have a deep emotional connection because someone has made a substantial effort for you! A cake in the middle, surrounded by our loved ones singing Happy Birthday as you blow your candles, a birthday does not get better than this!!

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