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Black Raisins


Black raisins are also known as dried black grapes. They are generally used by Indians in their desserts  and other dishes. Two tablespoon of black raisin can be used for serving as they make a great low-calorie snack. It is THE BEST for its quality and taste, and also is available in different sizes. Raisins bought in a single serving box can be kept in the refrigerator. It will be fresh when consumed within six months. Proper storage is a must for raisins because if not stored properly they may darken, dry out and  lose vitamins.

Benefits of Raisin

  • The antioxidant element present in raisin is being  very vital in nutrition and medicine for past 20 years
  • Being high in potassium and low in sodium, it plays a major role in maintaining healthy diet
  • The tartaric acid present in it helps with colon health
  • Raisins can be eaten as snacks which controls hunger
  • Helps in low blood cholesterol  and prevents oxidation being damaged

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