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Christmas cake

The enchantment of Christmas never ends and its greatest presents are friends and family. Christmas has become a sign of holistic culture and has surpassed the religious boundaries. It is celebrated on 25th December and is an essential part of the holiday season. Decorating the house, carol singing, and preparation of meals with delicious cake and wine are the highlights of the celebration. The happiest part of Christmas is the food being served.

Christmas cakes can be light, moist, dry, dark, spongy, and heavy. They are made in different shapes. Usually, a Christmas cake begins before a month. Christmas cake is delicious food to have with our family sharing our laughter, stories, and memories. Christmas cake is the cherry on the icing. Enhanced with raisins, cashews, almonds, and orange rinds, the Christmas cake is tough to pass by without seizing a bite. Christmas cakes are made a month before and kept upside down in a very airtight container. Through the holes, a small quantity of sherry, brandy, or whisky is poured every week, still Christmas. 

Christmas is the flavour of great ecstasy and bliss. It is the time of strength and healing. No matter what happens, Christmas brings happiness to everyone. Christmas is the kindness of the past, the bravery of the present, and the desire for the future.

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