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In the initial periods, all to stay at home and maintain social distance, people used to go to supermarkets and buy the goods they needed, as permission was granted for the essentials. The trend of online shopping is increasing with the coronavirus outbreak and the pandemic caused by the COVID-19 disease, more and more Indian citizens are inclined to buy supermarkets online, since they do not have to leave home. In fact, shopping for food online has been a safe and easy way to shop, but even in the pandemic, we can go green by making some adjustments and going green with online shopping.

components of an online ordering grocery store

  • Website
  • App
  • Order online platform
  • Delivery personnel
  • Order tracking and Analytics


Both the website and the application must also have an online ordering platform where customers can make purchases. Primary reasonsonline grocery shopping is a boon for quarantined


Safety: Online supermarkets have been instructed to maintain proper hygiene and extra care during pandemic periods. All stocks are properly sanitized from time to time and delivered within the stipulated time for people.


Fresh stock: To fight the virus safely, food and medicine must be freshly supplied. Grocery stores are taking great care and with the help of the authorities, stocking up on fresh items from inventory. Almost all grocery stores now carry freshly stocked vegetables, fruits, and other items.

Ease of access: Everyone has access to the Internet and, especially during this quarantine it make simple to decide what they want on their phone itself. Online supermarkets ensure that their platforms run smoothly and that there is no stress on order entry.

In modern history, online food shopping in the world is undergoing a significant transformation.

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